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Nurse Practitioner Links
Mental Health Nurse Practitioner brochure
Mental Health, Alcohol & Drug Nurse Practitioner Collaborative (MHADNPC) Victoria. 
Australian College of Nurse Practitioners
Nurse Practitioner Brochure - DHA
Nurse Practitioner business model


Useful You Tube links
More to come ..............

Useful books and websites


Hardwiring Happiness - Rick Hanson PhD


Dr Russ Harris author of:

The Happiness Trap

The Reality Slap

ACT Made Simple


Psyche Scene Insights

The shocking effect of stress on your body and brain

Does diet effect your mental health



Sane New World, Taming the Mind

Ruby Wax


Adolescent Mental Health

The Whole-Brain Child - Daniel J Siegel MD

Brainstorm, The Power and Purpose of the Teenage Brain - Daniel J Siegel MD


Tara Brach PhD

Radical Acceptance

True Refudge



Mind and body health connections

How to heal your gut natually - Amy Myers MD


Thyroid and mental health 


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